Elegant and original french lamps

Elegant and original, our lamps spread around them a warm and homogeneous light for a pleasant atmosphere.

Pâte de verre lamps

Pâte de verre lamps are made entirely by hand. They are mouth-blown and their rounded shapes are suitable as well as classical interiors than modern interiors.

Engraved lamps

Engraved lamps are manufactured similarly to the pâte de verre table lamps with the difference that it will add to the initial glass gob, new colored layers of metal oxides, inclusions, before blowing the glass piece and then rework it by removing some of the colored layers to create landscapes, scenery and motifs.

Tiffany-style lamps

Tiffany-style lamps bring a classic and rustic touch to your home. Their glass is characterized by elegant decorative motifs, we can sometimes have more than a thousand glass pieces and is carefully hand assembled: we border each piece of glass with a thin self-adhesive copper tape. Lead solder becomes possible because lead can not adhere to the glass.